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David: Oh so mang I have a potentially lolz tale that I just remembered
David: Do you remember Tiffany?
Virgil: Si!
Virgil: How could I forget?
David: well she had been messaging me pretty regularly just recently, I'd say since when I had started school
David: about random stuff mostly, nothing particularly interesting. Then just recently she asks me if I know of any good "underground" movies.
David: Duuuuuuude, what are some good underground movies?

David December 15 at 3:01am
lol, I have no idea. The last "underground" movie I saw I guess was this one called "A Serbian Film." It was a pretty intense movie, def. not for the sensitive.
David: December 15 at 6:06am Report
Hmmmmm, what is it about? Does it happen to be about Serbia, by any chance? Just taking a shot in the dark.....ha

David December 15 at 2:14pm
Lol, no, it's about a retired porn star named Milos who receives an offer from some eccentric director to do a film. He's offered an insane amount of money so, even though he doesn't know the guy's background, he agrees. And basically the story touches on things like newborn porn, snuff, rape, child rape, and more on his trip. It's ridiculous lol

December 15 at 6:35pm Report
Uh........Idk about that one. Lol

David : David Scott December 15 at 6:52pm
Lol does it sound too crazy for you or what?

December 15 at 7:02pm Report
Uhhhh....kinda. lol

David : And after that I think she blocked me on Facebook and even MYSPACE too rofl
David : So I guess the lesson here is that
David : I should probably never bring up "A Serbian Film"
Virgil: LMFAO
David : with normal people in casual conversation


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