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thoughts on shows I've been watching lately:

Still think Dexter jumped the shark in season 4. it's been downhill ever since. season six = a massive improvement over season 5, but bland villains with an obvious upcoming twist make this one quite lackluster. Also, Dexter's monologues have become of a repetitive nature. "Is there light in me? There's no light in me." Blah blah blah yes we get it already.

Boardwalk Empire's season two has somehow managed to exceed the very high expectations set by season 1. By far the best show currently airing. My favorite.

Walking Dead season 2 moved slowly and dragged its feet just like the zombies that populate the show (although there was quite a lack of them this season). The mid-season finale promises a lot of changes in the second half of the season but if it continues to move so slowly then I'm just going to give up on this show.

I find some irony that I'm completely addicted to a show about a meth dealer. I finished the first season of Breaking Bad in 2 sittings and am already almost done with the second season. So far, gotta say, this is one of the best shows I've ever seen. I expect to have the rest of the show devoured pretty soon.

And some nostalgia. Finished Sliders season 2, there's still 2 eps in season 1 I could go back and finish since they weren't on Netflix. Knowing that Sliders jumps the shark in season 3, debating watching at least part of it. Me and Eric got 3 episodes left of Twin Peaks; its one of the best shows I've ever seen as well. One episode of Twin Peaks had 3 mind blowing moments that left me reeling. Now THAT'S the way to do a 'mid season finale' (wasn't really of TP, but was the conclusion or led up to the conclusion of the first main storyline). Second storyline, me and Eric keep saying it's like a Dexter villain, lol. A lot of shows nowadays could seriously take some notes from Twin Peaks.

Other than that, I started Skyrim, playing as a high elf to start out with. Works on my laptop like a dream. finished Bleak Falls cave or whatever.

robble robble.
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