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Nicest thing anyone's told me: "Oh, that's right! You're an artist."

Silliest thing anyone's ever told me: "Are you a white supremacist?"

Meanest thing anyone's ever told me: "When you were a baby, I used to strangle you because I wished you were never born."
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Ten important things that I have learned as I've gotten older:

1) "If the problem has a solution, worrying is pointless, in the end the problem will be solved. If the problem has no solution, there is no reason to worry, because it can't be solved." -- That quote changed my life.

2) Being guarded and not saying too much earns one more friends than enemies, and makes conversations, future and current, less awkward. This quote (slightly edited) also sums it up quite nicely: "Projecting your reactions, responses, and sensibilities onto someone else who is probably far less attuned that you are (is very dangerous). It is the mistake of expecting people to give you the same consideration, courtesy, and respect that you naturally give them. They won't. Instead strive to apply the dictum of "Do unto others as they do onto you." It's work for most of us and requires constant vigilance lest you slip into a comfortable illusion of everyone being like you."

3) The friends you can let down your guard with are your best friends, and they are few and far between.

4) How to respect people's personal space boundaries, physical and otherwise. It can be a very nuanced thing, like playing with a chemistry set, but it is generally easy to tell when a person becomes uncomfortable by paying attention to visual cues or statements. Everyone is better off when personal space is respected.

5) Be wary of people's intentions in their dealings with you. It is difficult to discern people's expectations. "Those who err on the side of caution are few indeed."

6) People are responsible for themselves and their own choices, self included. "Responsibility to the responsible." This means the onus isn't on oneself for the decisions of others.

7) Friendships are more important than relationships, and are inevitably more satisfying.

8) There is no need to compete with some invisible other of who has accomplished what so far in life. As long as you are content with what you are doing, that's all that matters in the end.

9) Logical caution is one thing, but one should never let the emotion of fear hold you back. The difference between the two is fear only leaves regrets and wondrances of what could have been. Meanwhile, with logical caution, one already knows what both outcomes could have been, and it is no loss; it didn't hold one back. As the Bene Gesserit say.. "Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration."

10) The payoffs of doing something you don't like in place of doing what you love aren't worth it.

What are some of yours? :)
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My sauerkraut is in stage one. Hopefully it comes out well, but in any case here's the recipe. It is a Russian one, which I received from my friend's mom.


3 lb head of cabbage. Get the whitest cabbage you can find in the store.

1 large carrot.

35 grams of non-iodized salt.

2 tablespoons of sugar.

Clean the cabbage of the outside leaves and remove the stem. Shred the cabbage. Grate the carrot with a coarse grater. Add the salt and the sugar, and then stir with your hands until it starts to give off juice. Pack tightly into a pot, and put a plate on top of it. Place a weight on top of the plate to press down on the sauerkraut. Cover the pot with a towel or something else to prevent contaminants from getting in, and let it sit in a warm place (room temp should be ok) for 2-3 days.

On the third day, dig holes in the cabbage with a chopstick (or a like utensil) to release the gases that are built up. You can also transfer the sauerkraut to a bowl in order to get it to give up the ghost, so to speak. If you do that, transfer it back to the pot. Let it sit in the fridge for another 2-3 days. Then you can store for later use, or put it in soup(which is what I'm going to do) etc.
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I was a little bored, so I decided to do some basic conversions of some popular series' vampires into VTR-friendly format. ;p

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I am absolutely convinced that all of life's problems can be (temporarily) solved by watching this video.

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Predictably, 99% of people responded "Imagine" to this question.

As for me.. (in no particular order).

Free as a Bird, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Tomorrow Never Knows, Help!... among others.

I haven't really gotten into Lennon's solo stuff or his Plastic Ono Band stuff, so naturally all my answers are Beatles. Out of all of those, I think Free as a Bird is my favorite. The story behind it is, for lack of a better word.. touching. Yoko Ono gave Paul McCartney some recordings John made of some songs he'd been working on. Paul and the remaining Beatles then used some of them (Free as a Bird and Real Love) to create some final Beatles collaborations.

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It is ironic that just a few days after I made my post regarding asexuality that I see internet drama about asexuals.

"dear lord. I do genuinely hate asexuals and I'm sick of queer people acting like we should embrace them. "

This is from a person who mingled in threads giving a list of 'weird, creepy' things that us asexuals do, made sweeping generalizations about our class/race/etc, and made several anti-bisexual remarks and made insinuations that biphobia does not exist and bisexual invisibility doesn't matter. There were also several anonymous comments made saying that asexuals should be raped, and that we should just shut up because our struggles don't matter. Also, apparently asexuals are trying to appropriate and take over the queer movement with 'our bullshit'. One person tried to play armchair psychologist and say what's wrong with us and how we could be 'cured' of our asexuality, while others tried to tell us what our experiences as asexuals are and tried to say how we can and cannot define our sexuality and tell us how we need to identify. Also, apparently, if you use any term indicating your romantic orientation in front of your sexual one, you're just a "speschul snowflake" who is "using big words".

Sometimes I hate the internet.
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Hottest thing EVER. Bar none.


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